Mark Gilbert C. Bernabe, Assistant Waiter

Working on a cruise ship requires great motivation and it gives you a chance to expand your awareness and grow as a person.

My name is Mark Gilbert C. Bernabe, I am 25 years old and work as an Assistant Waiter.

I'm the eldest in my family and I have one sibling who is 2 yrs younger than me. My father passed away last year due to a heart attack and so my mother has involved herself in different religious activities and she has a small business which keeps her busy. I have been married for a year and my wife is now 2 months pregnant. My wife works for an international private education ministry that is based in Quezon City in the Philippines. During my vacation or spare time, other than spending time with my family and friends, I work on my photography, which I am very passionate about.

After I graduated college, I got into photography, which is my one of my great passions in life. I've been assisting my friend who is a professional photographer and who runs his own small studio. After a year, I decided to look for a job that is in line with my educational degree. A few weeks later, I started working with Kulinarya Restaurant located at Rockwell in Makati. I started working for the company as a waiter. Later on, I got a commendation and started working as a branch manager. While still working at that restaurant, I got a chance to work for CSS which made me decide to resign from my previous job.

I started working for CSS as an Assistant Waiter last September (2012). I work as a buffet runner in which my regular duties include buffet table set up. We make sure that food pans never run out of food. As part of my job, I also serve food to customers’ tables or to their rooms upon request.

Working on a cruise ship requires great motivation, especially since you will be living away from your loved ones. However, it gives you a chance to expand your awareness and grow as a person. The interaction with different people of different races requires a big adjustment. But I like to think of the opportunity it gives me to travel whilst at the same time earning a living for myself and for my loved ones.

As a company, CSS provides us with an opportunity to build a career and recognises the effort and potential of their employees through commendations to those with exemplary performance and hard work. It was a memorable experience to be assigned at Al Fresco Restaurant and have a chance to work with very friendly and fun people. For me, CSS is a gateway to a better future.

In the future, I see myself continuing to work for CSS in a higher position and with better opportunities. Personally, I dream of having my own restaurant in Manila and I believe that this opportunity will serve as an inspiration and a preparation for my future endeavors.