Jordan Reyes, Assistant Waiter

Giving the passengers an extra smile and excellent service is very easy.

My name is Jordan Reyes, I am 28 years old and work as an assistant waiter for CSS on board a cruise ship.
I am the youngest of six children. My father is a driver and my mother is a housewife. I started working for CSS in September 2012. I chose CSS because it is a very helpful company and nobody can deny that. Before I came to CSS, I mainly worked as a chef in restaurants and sometimes I did a service in dining.
As an assistant waiter, I try to provide our passengers with an excellent service and I enjoy my work to the full. Because of the very friendly employees, especially the Hotel Managers, it is very easy to do the work with an extra smile. I have special memories about CSS because of the team-building session that we had with our managers. In future, all I want is to do the work to the best of my abilities and a nice future will follow. I would really like to build my own house for my family.