Joel Garingan, Trainee Waiter

Giving excellent service to our guests has earned me several recognition awards that I am very proud of.

My name is Joel B. Garingan. I am 56 years old and a trainee waiter.

I started working for CSS in October 2011, they are very good in universal bonding of new family. I was engaged with the hotel industry for almost 17 years. I worked at a supervisory level for 5 years, was a waiter for 7 years and a seafarer for 3 years.
In the past few years I got several recognition awards:

  • Best dining room salesman
  • Most efficient salesman
  • Golden service award
  • Special courtesy recognition award
  • Best middle east food beverage operation 

My daily duties are attending to the guests’ needs properly and promptly with quality accordance with the food and beverage standard operational procedure. And I hope to one day be at the top of the ranking.
What I really like about working on board a cruise ship are the financial matters, seeing the world for free, meeting people of different nationalities, learning their culture and tradition. It is hard work and you need to be patient.