Jeffrey Cabales Medina, Head Waiter

My dream is to become Maitre D’ before I retire and CSS gives me the opportunity to be the best that I can be!

I am Jeffrey Cabales Medina, 39 years old, Head Waiter.

I come from a small family with 1 brother and a sister who also works for CSS as a head waitress & sommelier. My dad also works for CSS as a Maitre D’. I married Carolyn at the age of 27 and we are blessed with 3 lovely daughters. I started working at a young age, at 19 I worked as a banquet waiter at Shangri-La Hotel, and just a year later I welcomed the opportunity of working as a Seafarer. I worked on different vessels such as Italia Prima, Edinburgh Castle, Saga Rose, Marco Polo, Crown Odyssey, before I came to CSS in 2004.
As a head waiter, I have to ensure guest satisfaction at all times and I have to implement policies and systems as required under the guidance of the management and to be Number 1!

Working for CSS opens up opportunities for me; they give me the chance to be the best that I can be! CSS is the best company for me! In the future, I can still see myself working for CSS as a Maitre D' and that is my ultimate dream before I retire.