Partnership CSS and B&S: A reliable teamwork of dedicated professionals…

B&S is an international wholesaler and distributor. B&S provides food & beverages, bonded products and luxury items to a host of markets. We operate on a global scale as a one-source-supplier of single-item shipments and mixed loads.

B&S: our logistics and purchasing backbone

  • B&S Global Cruise Supply is a business unit of the B&S international group of companies. A private 923 bln Euro wholesale company.
  • B&S Global Cruise Supply is fully dedicated to supply the cruise industry all over Europe and the Caribbean, supplying over 65 cruise ships.
  • Because of its size, the B&S group has the economy of scale to purchase at competitive prices, which many other smaller companies are not able to do.
  • Our purchasing department has contacts all over the world and specialises in products such as meats and seafood.
  • B&S Global Cruise Supply has the unique ability to be the complete supplier and replace the cruise line’s purchasing department (which is a cost saving).
  • B&S has unparalleled experience in logistics.
  • Besides procuring and sourcing, B&S has the ability and capacity to warehouse all goods such as frozen and dry products in their 335,000 sq.ft warehouse.
  • The success behind B&S Global Cruise Supply is the “yes we can” mentality.
  • B&S has the following food safety and transparency certifications: HACCP and ISO22000.
  • B&S Global Cruise Supply ensures that the products required by a cruise line client are as per their specifications and that the agreed inventory will be held at the B&S premises.
  • As one of the most customs specialised companies within Europe, B&S is also AEO certified.

Opportunities together

Economies of scale, Onboard shop operations, Worldwide logistics, Onboard brand owner, exposure I.T. Solutions, Loyalty programme support, Platinum label product development, Onboard revenue programme.

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