Family Center

Crew retention guarantees consistency in the service we offer. At CSS, we invest in the recruitment and education of our crew members, and even further, we continue to invest in their development creating individual development programs. We also invest in their wellbeing thanks to our Wellbeing program  and our Family Center. We are loyal to our crew members and they are loyal to us. At 85% our crew retention is one of the highest in the market.

The Family Center program aims to the following objectives:

  • Keep in touch with the crew members on vacation.
  • Support the crew member and his/her family, when unpleasant or joyful situations may occur, such as funerals, surgery operations, weddings or special birthdays. It is proven to be extremely effective.
  • Establishing connections with potential candidates currently working for other companies who have shown interest in joining the Thomson Family.

Crew well-being programme

There is a complete program regarding crew well-being in their free time, the following facilities or services are available for the crew:

  • Sport facilities.
  • Internet facilities to encourage communication with friends and family.
  • Game facilities (pool, darts etc.).
  • Crew barbershop.
  • Available bikes for visits off sore.
  • Diverse celebrations and karaoke.