CSS Academy

Our CSS Academy in Manila (Philippines) has been established by us for the sole reason of providing proper training according to the requirements of our cruise line clients.

Complete crew selection process in-house.

It is a specialised training centre, where we train our new and existing crew to the very high standard of culinary and hospitality service required by our cruise line clients.

At CSS Academy, our dedicated crew learn and absorb our philosophy.

Training is 100% aligned to the new Thomson Cruises Platinum standards.

Thomson Cruises training cabins, dining rooms and working spaces are represented in the CSS Academy.

In the Philippines, we have received National recognition from the government.

Training centre: CSS has its own training centre in Manila, where crew members are trained for 3 months, where they have built the cabins and the restaurant in the same way as on the vessels. Most of the cruise lines outsource the selection of employees to a recruiting agency. No follow-up or training is given, which makes the crew easy to replace.

At CSS, crew members are trained to European standards.

Excellence in service and high quality standards: all processes are established, written and constantly reported and evaluated.

The training centre in Manila is a dream that we have achieved.